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American Pickups for Australian Holidays on the Road

If you’re an Australian who loves free-wheeling holidays on the road – especially ones requiring towing of caravans, horse floats, or boat trailers, you may have coveted a little American muscle to turn towing into a breeze rather than a slog.

Yes, we’re talking about those powerful pickups made for US travel on the wide-open freeway. Brands like FORD and RAM come to mind. Apart from the horsepower, there are all those luxury features that make long road trips a pleasure, not a penance.

There’s just one problem. If you want the best American pickups for Australian conditions, they’re going to be imported, and they will come in left-hand drive. But converting left-hand-drive to right-hand-drive doesn’t have to be a problem, says Ann Anderson of Maracoonda Automotive.

Talk to the Lady; She Knows

Those of us who have always considered automotive know-how to be a male-only field may raise an eyebrow. How does an “Ann” know about imported vehicle conversions? But Ann has been in the family business for decades. And she didn’t start off as a receptionist either. Her journey began on the workshop floor and she clearly knows her way around an imported pickup conversion.

“Importing and converting American FORD & RAM Pickups for compliance with Australian regulations is exactly what Maracoonda is all about,” Ann says. “But it does take expertise to professionally convert a LHD to a RHD vehicle as a ‘Mirror Image’ conversion and that’s what Maracoonda does … A Seamless Mirror Image Conversion.”

AMERICAN PICKUP Vehicles in Australia

There’s more to choosing a vehicle for Australian holidays than meets the eye. The simplest way to sum up the massive list of terms and prerequisites would be to say “Big, strong, safe, and comfortable.” If one were to do an in-depth exploration of what each of these requires, you’ll end up with more tech terms than most people may ever want to know.

“It comes down to choosing the right vehicle to match your towing needs,” and to comply with the Australian Towing Regulations says Anderson. “The powerful American Pickup vehicles we import will cover most people’s needs, and we have the experience our clients need to help them choose the one that’s right for them. Safety, reliability, and comfort are all part of the deal, and consulting ensures that clients make a choice that delivers these to perfection.”

Choose a Skilled Team for Your Left-Hand to Right-Hand Drive Conversion

Making American FORD & RAM Pickup vehicles compliant with all Australian regulations, and doing it so that nobody could possibly tell that the vehicle wasn’t made that way, takes a lot of expertise. Anderson gives credit to a highly-qualified and diverse team that few automotive businesses would have under one roof.

“The last thing you want to hear is that an auto-electrician from some outsourced company or a computer analysis diagnostician from who-knows-where is behind conversion glitches. We take full responsibility for quality workmanship, and that means having highly competent and expertly trained staff. That way, our clients won’t have accountability issues and we can have full confidence that the conversion will be something we can pride ourselves in,” Anderson explains.

American FORD & RAM Pickup vehicles really do have what it takes for the round-Australia road trip you may be dreaming of, and with a team like that at Maracoonda Automotive to back you up with technical know-how and after-sales support makes all the difference for a dreamy experience.

“It is a substantial investment,” admits Ann, “but it’s one we ensure our clients will be glad they made.” Value for money – and worry free driving are the goals we take seriously.

For more information visit Maracoonda Automotive | American Pickup Truck Imports Queensland website or call Ann and her team of experts on 07 5496 7773.

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