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More to Imported Pickups Than Just Powerful Engines Says Automotive Expert

To the layperson, towing mobile homes, horse floats or boats may seem to require nothing more than a vehicle with a powerful enough engine, but there’s a lot more to compliance than just that, says Anne Anderson, co-owner of Maracoonda Automotive. For those seeking a powerful yet comfortable towing vehicle, American-made pickups may seem to offer a simple solution. But while they certainly have enough power under the bonnet to handle the load, conversion for Australian conditions isn’t a simple matter.

During her decades in the automotive industry, Anderson has seen the conversion industry go from a largely unregulated “Wild West” scenario to the highly regulated industry it is today. Initially, it was managed by Queensland Transport and there were no Australian Design Rules to follow. To make matters even more complicated, these design rules are regularly updated. “Compliance is key to what we do,” says Anderson. “This is a very regulated industry nowadays.”

Nevertheless, Australian consumers with a penchant for outdoor adventures that require a strong towing vehicle still opt for American pickups, even though they must undergo a mirror-image conversion. Quality and design, says Anderson are the primary reasons why Australians opt for an American-made towing vehicle.

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High-Quality Conversions not Easy to Come By

Maracoonda Automotive is among the few businesses in Australia that is able to complete a mirror-image conversions. A family-owned business, Maracoonda Automotive believes that the quality of its workmanship and its dedication to after-sales service sets it apart from its competitors. Furthermore, says Anderson, Maracoonda is able to offer a wider range of vehicles. “Maracoonda handles the entire process, from importing the vehicle to every detail of the conversion process.” And, as Anderson points out, that’s not where it ends. Through warranties and technical assistance, Maracoonda continues to support its clients throughout the vehicle ownership experience.

As evidence of the value Maracoonda adds to an imported vehicle, resale prices are high. And, says Anderson, many people who were initially considering a second-hand Maracoonda conversion find themselves re-evaluating the decision in favour of spending a little more on a brand-new imported vehicle.

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Conversion Process Reengineers US Vehicles for Australian Conditions

The conversion process itself is easier spoken of than done. Anderson notes that a full mirror-conversion requires extensive stripping-down and reengineering. Most companies outsource portions of the conversion process, says Anderson, but Maracoonda performs every step of the conversion process in-house using its own staff of highly trained and experienced experts.

“Clients are welcome to see their vehicles while they are undergoing conversion, and many have expressed surprise at the degree to which we must alter them in order to get them in line with Australian driving conditions and design standards,” she observes.

The results are certainly almost unbelievable. The cab, the most obvious place to look for signs of tinkering, shows no trace of the extensive work that has been performed on the vehicle. It truly is a mirror-image, and it has been achieved so seamlessly that only the informed would know that the vehicle had not been manufactured as a right-hand-drive. As for the engines, they are indeed powerful, and with Maracoonda’s workmanship and warranties to back them up, there is definitely far more to these strong towing vehicles than meets the eye.

For more information visit Maracoonda Automotive | American Pickup Truck Imports Queensland website or call Ann and her team of experts on 07 5496 7773.

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